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Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth ExtractionThere are a number of reasons that teeth need to be extracted including decay, periodontal disease, fracture, malposition or in preparation for orthodontic treatment. A tooth extraction is generally a decision made between the patient and their general dentist.

Before Your Tooth Extraction

Prior to having an extraction it is extremely important for you to accurately provide your medical history including all medications and allergies so the doctor may address any issues that could effect your treatment.

During The Extraction Procedure

At the time the extraction is performed the doctor will administer local anesthesia in order numb the tooth, jawbone and gum in the area. During the extraction you can expect to feel pressure and hear noises. It is important that if you feel pain during the extraction you let the doctor know immediately.

Please note that if you wish to be asleep for the procedure it is necessary to be seen in the office for a consultation prior to any work being completed so that we may discuss the risks and complications as well as review health history to ensure the safety of IV anesthesia.

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