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Pre/Postoperative Instructions

Pre-Operative Instructions


If you have an appointment to have surgery or have had a procedure in our office you will find many answers to questions you may have right here on our website.  Please check our Pre-Operative Instructions, Post-Operative Instructions and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) pages for helpful information.  If you still have questions or concerns please contact the office.  If you have a post-operative concern you may call the office and have the on call doctor paged.

There is always a doctor on call for current patients having postoperative emergencies. Please call the office and follow the directions on the message to reach a live operator. The operator will contact the on call doctor and you will receive a call back. Please note that messages left on voicemail are not checked until the following business day. If you have a billing, scheduling question or a question about a routine issue please leave a message on the voicemail and we will return your call on the next business day.

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